Smart chat application – Snapchat

snap chat for android
snap chat for android

Snapchat is a famous smart image messaging and multimedia mobile application in the world. The app was created by a group of students from Stanford University and was first launched in 2011. The smart chat application has attracted huge number of users.

Snapchat app is developed on two operating systems iOS and Android. Users can send messages, images, videos, animations, audio …. to their friends in friends list. This is the quickest and simplest tool to share beautiful moments in life with your friends. Also, Snapchat allows users to control the time friends can see their messages. The operation is simple, users only need to set up the timer and send.

snap chat apk
snap chat apk

Snapchat carries a personal message, allowing people to comfortably chat with each other for entertainment. Information security is also very simple, because messages and data only exist within 24 hours, so Snapchat users will not have to worry about your account can be hacked and lost personal data.The app does not contain ads so users will not feel uncomfortable while chatting with friends.

Snapchat is loved with many features such as:

  • The Snapchat app has no ads
  • Messages and data self-destruct, should be high confidentiality information
  • Easily customize the picture message format
  • High speed access due to Snapchat application does not save data such as Facebook Messenger or Zalo
  • Large user community.
  • Send an unlimited number of recipients

Snapchat for android is an effective tool to build relationships, collect points and follow your loved ones. It is really a fun, entertaining app that shows the cleverness of the user as well as the experience of memorable moments.

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